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Benefits of an Organic Facial

A holistic facial is far more than just a luxurious treat you give to yourself. A holistic facial feels amazing and is the best sustainable self care you can give yourself.  Your skin will look healthy and luminous and the calming effect is an incredibly powerful way to reduce stress.

A facial is excellent for your skin because your pores are cleansed on a deeper level compared to what you’d do at home. 

A secondary benefit is the face massage. It’s both relaxing and wonderful for circulation and bringing fresh blood to the area. This is a better investment for your skin than spending on expensive face creams.  That’s because receiving touch from another person causes nervous system responses we can’t replicate on our own. 

Regular facials have benefits for both your skin and your mind. If you’re always on the go you’ll feel dramatically different because you’re taking time out for - and nurturing - yourself. 

The more you use technology and give to friend and family, the more important it is to make this time for yourself to unplug and just “be” for one hour.

Here is some recent feedback people have shared after receiving a Belmondo Organic facial

"The best 60 minutes of your day. My facial with Daniela was fantastic. It was the most serene hour that had me feeling so relaxed and left my skin extremely hydrated and glowing like it hasn’t in months. Her products and techniques are fantastic- I made sure to purchase some on my way out. If I could have a facial every week with Daniela, I would!" - Lainie S.

"I woke up this morning and my skin was so smooth and not inflamed at all; sometimes my cheeks are rosy when I wake up but not today. I *loved* my facial - it was the perfect treatment for mid-winter blahs. I plan to come in once a season." - Chelsi F.

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